I'm Probably Out of My League Here

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    Oct 29, 2013
    Even so, I move bravely forward like a lucky fool. I once put a Dodge transistor ignition on a motorcycle and it ran, but roughly. I thought that I'd accomplished something. Then I moved the inductor pickup farther away from the flywheel magnets and magically the misfiring quit and it ran perfectly, although with no advance curve. But now, I realized that I'd actually done something : I'd filtered out the noise signals to the transistor and coil by attenuation. That was a moment of elation for me. Those are the feelings that I continue to seek. They aren't coming very often, but I gladly share in other peoples moments of inspiration. Once I was polarizing a motorcycle generator and found I couldn't get it to switch back after I'd gone the wrong way. Weeks had passed and I was getting frustrated with my attempts to get this bike out of the shop. Then I thought, What had I used in the first place? A huge truck battery! It turned out that current source was just as important as voltage when last used to polarize a field coil. Figuring it out myself gave me a high. I'm the kind of guy who's still trying to come up with the right solvent to un-pot a module from a 1996 tear down. I'm probably way out of my league in this forum.

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    Nov 4, 2013
    Well I'm in your league. Most of my 'Oh Wow' tricks and secrets came from educated guesses some theory and a little experimenting.
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    Welcome aboard. Please read the ToS, automotive is one of our verboten subjects here.