I'm not posting for another month

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Look at my post count...

I just can't hit reply button any more.:cool:

You will find me in off topic only....
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I believe the number 4 is considered unlucky in china, and is considered to symbolize death, or something like that


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Hhmm, so your not posting for a month eh?

May I ask why? It's kinda a slap to the face to AAC that we wont get a great user such as yourself posting. :'(


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You must be a true believer. Since you let a number take control of your life. Well Loosewire is in for some real competition. I guess we can say it is new sherif in the off-topic town


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and 18 meas "hell":D
Do Chinese people therefore not celebrate the 18th birthday, which is considered an important coming-of-age milestone in some Western cultures?

This is maybe, or maybe not considered as significant as 21 years, depending on which state we are considering. Typically an 18 year old acquires voting rights, and may be permitted to marry without a legal requirement for parental consent.

In areas where alcohol is consumed, the minimum legal age for this may also be 18, but this is more variable (21 is not uncommon). Sometimes this has unfortunate repercussions on how the birthday celebrations proceed!


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We do have the option of bating him. Though that would be cruel.

Just post an article about how stable, trustworthy, and non hypocritical the government leaders are.

Praise the upstanding businessmen on the island for embracing free trade without any underhanded tricks.

I almost forgot, the elevator vendors and electronic shops are the most honest and generous shops he's had the pleasure of doing business with. He has found all of them to be the definition of "Integrity".

If he doesn't respond, he's a Saint, I tell you, A SAINT!