I'm designing a new kit around the PIC18F67J60 (Ethernet) Opinions wanted

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  1. blueroomelectronics

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    Jul 22, 2007
    I'm putting a new kit together called Ladybug. (yes my kits are named after critters) :)

    On the drawing board is a kit designed for Home automation, HVAC / furnace / AC controller with Ethernet plus it's expandable.

    Before it gets set in stone (PCB layout) I'd like your opinions on the feature set.

    Standard peripherals (100% sure)
    One Ethernet jack with magnetics
    Four Panasonic JS1-5V Relays
    Two opto isolated inputs HCPL-2630
    SPI EEPROM / Flash upto 8Mb
    At least one 8 pin I/O port EasyPIC compatable

    Likely to be there (80%)
    DE9-Male DCE RS232 with HW/SW UART (jumper selectable)
    RS485 SW UART

    On the fence (50% either way)
    XBee / XBee Pro socket with HW/SW UART (jumper selectable)

    Do we need them?
    433MHz RF receiver (handy for digital thermometers)?
    NO/C/NC or NO/C relay outputs?
    32,768Hz watch crystal?

    SD card socket.
    iButton connector (just use an I/O port if you need it)
    Temperature sensors (also can be added via DIY I/O expansion)

    As always your opinions on this would be appreciated.
  2. thatoneguy


    Feb 19, 2009
    If it is for controlling a home temperature remotely, why do away with the temperature sensors?

    Along the same lines with environment control, humidity is a nice measurement in winter time.

    Add some sort of X10 interface, that will open a world of other (already existing) "add-ons".
  3. blueroomelectronics

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    Jul 22, 2007
    Thanks for the feedback.

    The reasons I'm holding off on an onboard temperature sensor are:

    The Ladybug will probably be located in the deep dark recesses of your home IE: near the furnace, in the basement.
    The Oregon Scientific THGR268 Temperature / Humidity sensor and transmitter (433Mhz)

    (I suppose I could add a 1-wire (DS18B20) header)

    A little history on me, several years ago I was working on a thermostat kit you could program yourself. Named it Cricket and have designed and built several prototypes.
    Ultimately the Cricket kit may never exist because of inexpensive devices like the $30 THGR268
    A THGR268
    The Ladybug will have expansion connectors and possibly an 2x7 LCD header (no backlight)

    X10 support would be possible via the RS232 connector using a CM11A (Personally I find the ancient X10 stuff very unreliable, your mileage may differ)

    A 16F917 Cricket Thermostat prototype