I'm circuit challenged....

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Im looking to design a multi-recordable sound play back device? kinda detailed is it possible to hire somebody or would someone with 0 circuit and electronic skills be able to figure it out??

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umm..youll have to bare with me fellas im not good with this.. i want like

memory1:when you press the m1 button a fairly loud noise would follow immedietly

memory2:when you press the m2 button lets say the word "run!" would play

thank you guys for the posts any help is greatly appreciated, im very devoted to making this project work just wasnt sure if someone at my level with no skills would be able to make it happen. is it possible to hire some one or is this a simple project?


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If you don't need to record any new sounds other than those two that you listed, and sound quality is not a major issue, then you could probably pull that off very simply with an Arduino board and some PWM code if you have some experience with C programming.

I worked on a project rather similar to that, but the sound quality and volume weren't too spectacular. With some amplifying speakers however, I got the job done.
There was also a bit of a delay (about 1 second) between the trigger and the playback. Would this be a problem?


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