IGBT Driver problem

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  1. asimraufawan

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    Jul 4, 2008

    I m designing an inverter by using four H bridges the IGBT driver i m using is PSHI 2012 m facing some problem regarding its interfacing with a control card.
    The IGBT driver has the following inputs,
    1. V Bot
    2. Error
    3. V Top
    4. VS=15 V
    5. Gnd

    & at the output it drives a half bridge for Top & Bottom
    the driver datasheet says when the logic is low at the input
    the gate voltage is -8 but when it goes high the gate voltage will be +15v
    but the problem is when i provide the input the gate is always in turn off
    state even i have checked my signals at the input side for V Top & V Bot
    are ok.
    Kindly help me out
    attached is the datasheet 4 driver

  2. franzschluter

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    Jun 1, 2009
    Could you post a schematic of your connection?

    It in the datasheet it says that its gate signal can be blocked depending on the "Vce Monitoring Circuit". I think this is your error pin. So this has to be utilized or bypassed or your signal might get blocked.