If TV / movie sets were real, places you would like to visit?

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Not sure how this will work since we have folks from all over the world but American movies and TV are pretty popular all over the world so it might work.

If a TV or movie set were real (past or present TV and movies), where would you like to visit?

The Star Trek Enterprise would be cool. While I would want to meet Mr. Spock or the hot green alien (I think she played bat girl too), the Next Generation version would be far more interesting. A visit to the holideck would be awesome as well as meeting a real android.

Green Acres Hooterville. The characters were so quirky yet just wonderful warm and kind people.

Mayberry RFD, Step back in time for a typical small town America experience with a comedic twist.

Northern Exposure Cicely, Alaska small town frontier experience.


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The movie or the TV show? Most of the movie's plot took place in Minneapolis Metro area - and people travelling between Fargo and Minneapolis but little happened in Fargo.

If there is anything on this list that can be done (travelling through time and space) to reach the fictional place in the movie, this one is possible. I grew up just a few miles from where the car dealership scenes were filmed - the place is real and little was done to remodel any location. By the way, the car dealership has been torn down and the Best Buy Headquarters office building is there now.


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Can't quite say. Someplace with fantastic travel opportunities. Star Trek teleportation with the capabilities of a Doctor Who TARDIS. Just leave out the bad guys.:D


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spinnaker: if I was going to visit Hooterville I'd spend my time in the water tower next door to the Shady Rest and wait for dem wimmin to go for another dip.

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Probably a lot like joeyd's icon.:D

We need a LOL smiley!

Speaking of old stars. I remember years ago the Brady Bunch had a reunion. Cindy was the one that turned out super hot. Move forward a few years, she is now doing a commercial for Me TV, she is a mess now.

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Mmmmhhhhh.... probably Gilligan's Island... and then I'd make friends with Mary Ann :D (not a Ginger fan, though)
Mary Ann was the hot one for sure. Even after all of these years she still looks great.

Now when Mary Ann thought she was Ginger, wow!