IDing parts that look like power transitors

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  1. electronis whiz

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    Jul 29, 2010
    i have a bunch of parts that look like power transistors but i'm not sure
    i look up using the #s online but yet to find some


    the priveus ones were on heatsinks so i'm thnking shockety or vreg not sure though

    another looks like an old metal case transistor. has A23, 380-3, 449 on it. a saw a pic of a traic that looked just like this too though. the lastic holder has a B and an E by 2 terminals. and it has a resistor between these then the E terminal has a ceramic cap and a part that apears to be a diode going to a screw holding it on. what do you think this is?
    i was guesing transitor but where's the colector? or is the case th colector.

    i pull these type parts alot and i'm getting tired of having to google every one. i try to use all data sheets but they only have about 60% of them.
    do the numbers mean anything. E.G. 111-444 mean it is a transistor. then 555-888 is a voltage vegulator. or do i just need to look them up?
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    Jul 9, 2011
    Could it be:



    These you find on

    Can you post a picture of the last one you were talking about?