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Discussion in 'General Electronics Chat' started by AudioGuy, Aug 24, 2009.

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    Aug 21, 2009
    Hi Guys. I need some help identifying some components. I need to figure out what the large yellow blocks are that have the "T I 6J250V" markings are and what kind of information I need to reorder some more.

    I also need to figure out what the coils? are at the top of the board. The only markings on the coils? are "00020797" and ".14/18". I'm going to guess the 18 is maybe the wire gauge of the coil, but thats all I can figure out. Can these be replaced with off the shelf components? Does anybody know where these can be picked up?

    This is a picture of what I'm talking about:
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    As in your other thread, the 'yellow blocks' are 250V capacitors and the values are most likely 6 and 10uF. (Look to the left, the smaller one partly in view is marked 1.5 - the sizes are in proportion.)

    The only way to verify absolutely is to unsolder one end and test with a capacitance meter (which some multimeters have).

    The inductors are a bit less certain...
    The long number appears to be a date code, so only the '.40/18' and '.14/18' are relevent.

    If you have a look at these links:

    They give some ideas of typical components in crossovers, and it seems somewhere in the mH range is typical so 0.14 and 0.40 mH do seem realistic possibilities.

    As a last check, look here:

    If you put 0.4 in as a target value, the results are 75 Turns of 18g wire. The actual turns depend very much on the center hole size and winding width, but it's obviously somewhere in the ballpark.

    Likewise, 0.14mH gives 50 turns using their dimensions, which again does not look to be a mile off.

    There is another line - small text? on the capacitors. What does this say, I suspect it may be the makers name.