Identify the faults in the schematic

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    Scrutinize a the following motor desion schematic, Identify faults, including any relevant protection absent. It is a single-phase motor; mains are 480 VAC.
    *hint; think about what devices do when in or out or operation (linear models). Safety factors are of 10%, only need to identiy 10 of the faults but there is many more.

    General notes: If ratings are not given, assume adequate design
    note1: Conduit plate, hole diameters = 0.2cm; protect conductors from motor, made of pure aluminum
    note2: Push button block with Rc auxilliary contact, latches to provide power across buttons when buttons closed
    Note 3: Motor conductors are insulated but run across a milling plant floor where machines frequently travel
    Note 4: H conductor = copper core; rubber insulated; size 10AWG
    N conductor = copper core, rubber insulated; sice 12AWG
    G conductor = Aluminum core, rubber insulated, size 14 AWG
    Note 5; When Rc coil de-energized, Rcaux open; Rcaux is N/O
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    Please post as an inline image or PDF attachment, rather than a platform specific document.
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    Hello thatoneguy,

    You are right. A PDF or just a JPG or even better a PNG would help.
    Ihave taken the picture from the document.



    PS I am not strong in power questions.