ideas for projects????


Joined Jun 30, 2006
Build a high frequency switching supply with variable voltage and current limited outputs that's microprocessor controllable.

Or something more mundane build a knight rider / cylon display. How about a Cylon Santa?


Joined May 16, 2005
Induction heater. Dielectric heater. Linear armature motor. Scanning tunneling microscope. Tesla coil. Oudin coil. Capacitive sensor feeding neural network to determine the difference between humans and dogs. Flashing LED. Set of LEDs flashing back and forth like a 1970's TV show. Resistive welder. Theremin. Singing arc. Quiz game lock-out circuit. Battery charger. Integrated multiple source alternative power micro-grid. Light-seeking photoelectrically powered mini-robot. Coin shrinker. Rail-gun. Electrostatic lifter.

Or one of those thingies - you know, the cool ones that do stuff - one of them...