Ideas for multiple usb audio card

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    Oct 24, 2012
    Hello guys! :) I'm Gennaro from Italy, and i'm very interested in electronics...I play bass, so I've already made some effects for my bass guitar, but now I need help about my idea :D

    I was thinking to create a multiple audio card, with usb output and 6-7 jacks input for instruments...Looking on google, I found some circuits to realize a simple audio particular I found that schematics that seems good for me:
    But i've a doubt: That input is made for mic, and not for instruments...will it work good equally? Or I should edit some parts?
    Just to explain better my project, it will be made like this (for a single channel):
    JackInput->EQ->Audio Circuit->HUB->PC
    (I just hope my pc will bear 7 sound cards all togheter in Cubase :()
    So please give me your opinions :)

    Please forgive me for all english errors :D
    Peace & Love!!