Ideas for creating an LED Counter

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Hello all!

I'm kind of an amateur at this still, but I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction! I have this idea for a project that I want to build. Essentially using the output from one of these home motion detectors you use on a driveway to trigger an alarm in the house when a car pulls in. Except for my tweak, instead of ringing the alarm, it will trigger a counter that will tell me how many times someone has gone out the driveway. I feel like I can adapt the motion detector I have already reasonably well, but I haven't really been able to find a simple way to build an LED counter!:( Does anyone have a reference to a plan or diagram I can use, I haven't had any luck finding one, or any other ideas!

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Much depends on the nature of the output that triggers the alarm. The simplest way out is to find a mechanical counter with a solenoid that would be operated by the detector's output.

If you know what the signal is, you could look at for the counter. Veeder-Root is a likely manufacturer.

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Seven segment LED counters are quite simple to design and build.

If you could tell me what the output parameters of the motion detector are and how high you want the counter to go before rolling over, I could whip up a very simple-to-build LED counter circuit for you in short time.