Ideal Baud Rate To Transmite Data From ADC to Serail

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    Hi There.

    Recently i have been on a project, i need to convert an analogue signal and transmit that to pc, i proposed the method to convert to it digital and transmit is through serial port, seems like method works fine but the thing i'm confused with is that what is the ideal baud rate for this kind of process, i mean adc converts and directly sends to serial. One the second step i will plot that data using graphing (I'm using AVR Atmega16). if any one can please sort me out with this confusion.

    Regard SI
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    That will depend on your sample rate. As an example let us assume you use 9600 bit per second 1 start bit, 1 stop bit and non parity bit. You probably have 10 bit ADC. So you will have to transfer 2 bytes minimum. A total of 20 bits pr sample will be required. And that transmission will take 20*(1/9600) seconds. Your max sample rate will in theory be limited to 480Hz with the latter bit rate. Note that this example is a very crude way of doing data transmission. The PC need to be synchronized with your micro controller. If not your data will just be a mess
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