ICSP for PIC16s

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What's the cheapest way to get an In Circuit Serial Programmer for PIC16 family microcontrollers? Preferably something that will allow me to program a PIC16F628A


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I would go with PICkit2 from Microchip. Maybe a little bit more expensive, but worth it in stability and compatibility.

Most programmers out there can pull the code from a chip, except when the chip is code-protected.


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that's basically a JDM style programmer with a lot of added stuff. you can build a cheap JDM programmer, and winpic800, or icprog are free software for programming/reading pics. it will read code from the pic as long as the pic hasn't been code protected.

If you plan on using pics for more than a one time thing, I'd second the pickit2 recommendation.. It's from Microchip and is under $50 (barely).

Jdm programmer link:
better version JDM programmer:

there's TONS of them out there, you can even get
a cheap one off ebay for <$10