IC8051----> cd4094be

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    Dec 9, 2013

    i have some problem of use of 8051. The problem is I have not enough 8051 pins to use .Therefore i want to use connected cd4094be . i want to ask my connection of 8051 and 4094 is right ? (aboved picture) Any mistakes >? THANK YOU
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    Nov 3, 2012
    Your connections are OK. (You didn't show power and ground on the 4094 or ground on the 8051, but will assume you know that).

    But, with a 5 volt power supply, the CD4094 can only source or sink around 0.88ma per output according to my datasheet. That's not enough current for typical LED's.
    Use a type 74HC or 74HCT4094 instead. Those can source or sink at least 4ma, and use a 5 volt power supply.

    If you must use a CD4094 then a buffer will be needed on the outputs to drive LED's.
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