Ic circuit speaking to a hand controller.

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    Jul 9, 2012

    I've joined the forum hoping that someone could help me with a few questions that I'm lacking answers to.

    I have a massage chair, quite old. The hand control has options on it but is now not working. After a long storage here in the UK the small Pcb inside the hand controller is rusted up. Therefor is won't work but I'd need to create a makeshift control as it seems a waste. There is no chance of getting a spare.

    My questions are there, I would greatly appreciate help with this.

    1. I could replace the Start, Stop, Recline, Return commands with something.
    2. What type of signals are these is it a small voltage change (my assumption) The hand controller plugs into a four pin terminal on the main chair board.
    3. Will another controller work if I can identify wiring configuration. We have found another controller similar.

    On the board there is Gnd (ground) and +5v (live) but nothing on other pins. How can 4 commands come from 2 pins?

    Thanks for anyone's help on this.