IC &Audio transformer equivalent

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Pls, I have got an intercom circuit from a site that uses MC145436 DTMF decoder but the IC is obsolete, how do I get the equivalent becos I've searched to no avail.

Also, I need a 1k/8R centre-tapped at 1K winding audio xformer for the ringer cct of d same project, I read that using a mains xfomer (for 12V operation, 60v centre-tapped secondary and 230v prmary), one could achieve the same, Is it possible/true?

Which scrap can I easily get audio transformer for me to use?

Pls, my project is being delayed due to these two problems.



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audio transformer can be found at Rat Shack (Radio Shack, you have questions, they have blank stares!) just picked one up a few weeks ago.....