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    Apr 15, 2009
    Good Day All.

    I have just started working on a new project to make a CNC Touch Probe made from an old IBM laptop TrackPoint mouse.

    I had the idea then I found this video on YouTube: Find Center Of Slot - Edge Probe Mach 3.

    In the above video, the TrackPoint mouse is apart of the interface pcb and the guy has just connected a PS/2 cable to it and running some scripts for the Mach3 CNC software.

    I am looking to do something along the same kind of lines, but I am not looking at interfacing it to a computer using PS/2 or USB, all I need is a 0-5volt logic output.

    The TrackPoint mouse I happen to have in the dead donor laptop is very old, as does not have the TrackPoint mouse as apart of the PCB, all the interface was apart of the laptops mainboard.

    The TrackPoint mouse in question is just a strain gauge it has four connections, Ground, Power, X Axis, Y Axis.

    So I would like help and advice with the best way to go about interfacing this TrackPoint so when ever any of the Axis are moved the interface will output 5 volts.

    So far I have been able to find the following datasheets that are related to the TrackPoint mouse.
    TPM749 Microcontroller with TrackPoint microcode from IBM
    TPM754A Microcontroller with TrackPoint microcode from IBM
    LMC6036 Low Power 2.7V Single Supply CMOS Operational Amplifier

    Thanks for your time.

    Best Regards.
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