IBM SCSI (posibly raid controler) driver

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    Jul 29, 2010
    i pulled this pci card from an ols IBM server i was given. was told it was an AS/400 server. all i saw on it was IBM Eserver iseries. looked like a 750ish series system. the drives from it put in a difrent sustem show up as IBM AS/400 system made about 2002. i am unable to find any driver for this PCI SCSI controler. from ibm or just web serch even looked for a universal scsi contoler driver, but all for adaptec or intel chips. this card has 2 main chips one has a heatsink on it and looks similar under it to ibm chips on the motherboard. ant the other chip is an IBM power PC. i'm thinking that the chip i would need the driver for is under the heatsink. near as i can tell theire are no universal drivers for ibm contolers or even a driver for maltiple brands.
    here is what is on the card.: 2763, 3hrw4331078 04n6482, (11S) pn sn:91h4082yl1692331078 (that number the part number= 91h4082, SN:yl1692331078 as near as i can tell.) CA PN 04n6482 ec:h62926

    any ideas on a driver that would work for this. i think it will have to be a universal because i'v done all kinds of goodle searches using all thes numbers and not finding a driver for it. looking for a driver proeferably for linux and windows 2000,XP.