IBM as/400 parts

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    Jul 29, 2010
    i was given this old as/400 server. dicided to use for parts for other systems. have some parts have no use for and googling them to see what they were to see if i may have use for and specs i found some prices. 1GB ram is like $350 motherboard $200 PSU 100. so i'm thinking mayby put on craigslist or ebay, but i'd be supprised if there was any demand for these parts anymore, and those prices seemed kind of suprising.
    any ideas on if there is any demand for stuff lik this anymore and if so are thos prices resonable? the system apears to be from about 2002 was told was an as/400, but says Eserver iseries. from what iv seen seems almost obsolete so then probly very little demand for parts or am i wrong?
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    Mar 24, 2008
    That brings back memories, I went to college in the late 70's. Now and then we would get a scraped mainframe. Thousands of transistors, huge capacitors, same resistors over and over. :D