I2C Project help needed

Discussion in 'The Projects Forum' started by nisham, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. nisham

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    Dec 21, 2008
    can some one help me to get code in C and schematic block diagram for interfacing 8051 series and DS 1307
    plz mail me at nisham_kaucha@yahoo.com
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    Jan 28, 2005
    Greetings nisham and welcome to the AAC forum. We ask that you always start your own thread when posting a question or request. This helps highlight your post and provide a dedicated discussion of your specific informational needs.

    I have also removed your email address from the post to protect you from a possible surge in spam. You can add your email address to your profile if you want to make it available to other members for direct contact purpose.

    The forum is always the better place to carry-on the discussion of your topic. This provides opportunity for other members to learn from the discussion.

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