I2C and UART Protocol with FT2232D chip

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    Dec 7, 2009
    Hi, I need help..I am new to programming and I have been trying to run the I2C and UART protocol in turns using the FT2232D chip. with examples from the FTDI site.. I was able to put a few things together but I am just a little bit confused. I downloaded all the programming manuals from the site but I am having problems with the GPIOs. I an using GPIOL2 and GPIOL3 to control an analog switch and a power mosfet butthe programming manual is a bit confusing because it suggests that I will be unable to control that of the FT2232D chip but I can control that of the FT..H chip.

    This is d bit of code i was able to put together;

    Dim ftStatus As Integer
    Dim ftHandle As Integer = 0
    Dim TimerValue As Byte = 0
    Dim ClkFrequencyDivisor As Integer = I2C_Driver.MIN_FREQ_CLOCK_DIVISOR 'Default at 400KHz
    Dim HighInputOutputPinsData As I2C_Driver.FTC_INPUT_OUTPUT_PINS = New I2C_Driver.FTC_INPUT_OUTPUT_PINS
    Dim HighPinsInputData As I2C_Driver.FTC_LOW_HIGH_PINS = New I2C_Driver.FTC_LOW_HIGH_PINS
    Dim WriteControlBuffer() As Byte = New Byte((256 - 1)) {}
    Dim ReadData() As Byte = New Byte((65536 - 1)) {}
    Dim ReadDataByteAddress As Integer = 0
    Dim DataReadType As Integer = 0
    Dim NumDataBytesToRead As Long = 0
    Dim ReadDataBuffer() As Byte = New Byte((65536 - 1)) {}
    Dim ReadDataIndex As Integer = 0
    Dim DeviceChipSize As Integer = I2C_Driver.MAX_I2C_24C64_CHIP_SIZE_IN_BYTES 'Default at 8192Bytes

    'Disable UART button
    UART_button.Enabled = False
    DisC_button.Enabled = True

    ftStatus = I2C_Driver.I2C_Open(ftHandle)

    ' Check the device type
    If I2C_Control.drp_DeviceList.SelectedIndex <> -1 Then
    If I2C_Control.drp_DeviceList.SelectedText = "24C16" Then
    DeviceChipSize = I2C_Driver.MAX_I2C_24C16_CHIP_SIZE_IN_BYTES
    ElseIf I2C_Control.drp_DeviceList.SelectedText = "24C32" Then
    DeviceChipSize = I2C_Driver.MAX_I2C_24C32_CHIP_SIZE_IN_BYTES
    ElseIf I2C_Control.drp_DeviceList.SelectedText = "24C64" Then
    DeviceChipSize = I2C_Driver.MAX_I2C_24C64_CHIP_SIZE_IN_BYTES
    ElseIf I2C_Control.drp_DeviceList.SelectedText = "24C128" Then
    DeviceChipSize = I2C_Driver.MAX_I2C_24C128_CHIP_SIZE_IN_BYTES
    ElseIf I2C_Control.drp_DeviceList.SelectedText = "24C256" Then
    DeviceChipSize = I2C_Driver.MAX_I2C_24C256_CHIP_SIZE_IN_BYTES
    End If
    End If

    ' Choose between 100KHz and 400KHz
    If I2C_Control.drp_ClockList.SelectedIndex <> -1 Then
    If I2C_Control.drp_ClockList.SelectedText = "100KHz" Then
    ClkFrequencyDivisor = I2C_Driver.MAX_FREQ_CLOCK_DIVISOR
    ElseIf I2C_Control.drp_DeviceList.SelectedText = "400KHz" Then
    ClkFrequencyDivisor = I2C_Driver.MIN_FREQ_CLOCK_DIVISOR
    End If
    End If
    If (ftStatus = I2C_Driver.FTC_SUCCESS) Then
    ftStatus = I2C_Driver.I2C_InitDevice(ftHandle, ClkFrequencyDivisor)

    If (ftStatus = I2C_Driver.FTC_SUCCESS) Then

    End If

    If (ftStatus = I2C_Driver.FTC_SUCCESS) Then
    ftStatus = I2C_Driver.I2C_GetDeviceLatencyTimer(ftHandle, TimerValue)

    If (ftStatus = I2C_Driver.FTC_SUCCESS) Then
    ftStatus = I2C_Driver.I2C_SetDeviceLatencyTimer(ftHandle, 50)

    If (ftStatus = I2C_Driver.FTC_SUCCESS) Then
    ftStatus = I2C_Driver.I2C_GetDeviceLatencyTimer(ftHandle, TimerValue)

    ftStatus = I2C_Driver.I2C_SetDeviceLatencyTimer(ftHandle, 16)

    ftStatus = I2C_Driver.I2C_GetDeviceLatencyTimer(ftHandle, TimerValue)
    End If
    End If
    End If
    End If

    If (ftStatus = I2C_Driver.FTC_SUCCESS) Then
    ftStatus = I2C_Driver.I2C_SetLoopback(ftHandle, False)
    End If

    If (ftStatus = I2C_Driver.FTC_SUCCESS) And _
    ClkFrequencyDivisor = I2C_Driver.MAX_FREQ_CLOCK_DIVISOR Then
    ftStatus = I2C_Driver.I2C_SetMode(ftHandle, I2C_Driver.FAST_MODE)
    ElseIf ClkFrequencyDivisor = I2C_Driver.MIN_FREQ_CLOCK_DIVISOR Then
    ftStatus = I2C_Driver.I2C_SetMode(ftHandle, I2C_Driver.STANDARD_MODE)
    End If

    If (ftStatus = I2C_Driver.FTC_SUCCESS) Then
    HighInputOutputPinsData.bPin1InputOutputState = True
    HighInputOutputPinsData.bPin1LowHighState = True
    HighInputOutputPinsData.bPin2InputOutputState = True
    HighInputOutputPinsData.bPin2LowHighState = True
    ftStatus = I2C_Driver.I2C_SetGPIOs(ftHandle, HighInputOutputPinsData)
    ftStatus = I2C_Driver.I2C_GetGPIOs(ftHandle, HighPinsInputData)
    MsgBox(" Current Source Analog Switch is ON")
    Exit Sub
    End If

    ' Random Address read to confirm if external EEPROM can be accessed and is detected.

    If (ftStatus = I2C_Driver.FTC_SUCCESS) Then
    WriteControlBuffer(0) = &HA1
    For ReadDataIndex = 0 To (DeviceChipSize - 8191)
    ReadData(ReadDataIndex) = 0

    ReadDataByteAddress = 0
    DataReadType = I2C_Driver.BYTE_READ_TYPE

    If (DataReadType = I2C_Driver.BYTE_READ_TYPE) Then
    NumDataBytesToRead = I2C_Driver.BYTE_READ_TYPE
    End If
    End If

    ftStatus = I2C_Driver.I2C_Read(ftHandle, WriteControlBuffer, 3, True, 20, DataReadType, ReadDataBuffer, NumDataBytesToRead)

    If (ftStatus = I2C_Driver.FTC_SUCCESS) Then
    If (DataReadType = I2C_Driver.BYTE_READ_TYPE) Then
    ReadData(&H0) = ReadDataBuffer(0)
    READ_box.Items.Add("External EEPROM detected!")

    'Enable Relevant buttons
    WRITE_button.Enabled = True
    READ_button.Enabled = True

    'Set Global Variable to true
    Me.ConnStatus = True

    READ_box.Items.Add("External EEPROM not detected!")
    WRITE_button.Enabled = False
    READ_button.Enabled = False

    End If
    End If

    If (ftStatus = I2C_Driver.FTC_SUCCESS) Then
    Exit Sub
    End If

    please help!!