i want to convert 1 millivolt to 1 volt.


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If you're talking about 1mV over ground being amplified to 1V over ground, and you want to use a single supply, you'll need an op-amp that includes the lower rail. Not hard to find, but you may not get this property if you don't specify it.

Jon Wilder

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i want to convert 1 millivolt to 1 volt.plz give me circuit diagram.
Perhaps if you would try ASKING rather than TELLING us to give you a circuit diagram...

As was stated above, what you need is a voltage amplifier. The total amplifier gain would need to be a gain of about 1,000, which you can either do with multiple cascaded bipolar transistor or FET stages or you can do with a couple of cascaded op amp stages.

You don't necessarily need a dual polarity rail power supply. You can do it with a single rail but you would have to capacitor couple the input and output. If you decide to go single rail and you need a 1Vrms output, you would need to have a minimum supply voltage of at least 3V.