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How can I contribute to the project by writing some articles about some topics?

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Thanks for the interest in contributing. The short simple answer is yes.

If you are interested in becoming a contributior start at this link. Look for the line half way down the page: Interested in contributing to this project? Click here.

That will give you some information on how to get started including technical details, format, tools we use etc.

If you read the "News Flash" on the master index page, first link, you will find that I got started by writing a chapter "Karnaugh Mapping" for volume 4, Digital. That chapter was missing from Vol 4 at the time. I have written other chapters since then, which have been included in Lessons in Electricity (LIE). You do not have to write a whole chapter. This is pointed out in the "Click here" link. You can also look at the appendix "contributiors list" at the end of each volume to get an idea of the nature of some contributions.

There are some holes in some of the volumes where we need the most help. For example , this forum, receives many complaints about missing material in Vol 3, Semiconductors. That is, there are sections missing from chapters in addition to whole chapters missing. Tony Kuphaldt put his outline in place when he began the project, and filled in the text as the book(s) progressed. Vol 1, DC; Vol 3, Semiconductors, Vol 4, Digital all have missing sections or chapters. This is where we need help in completing LIE.

Things to think about: If writing an article, where will it fit in, what volume, chapter, etc. For example, I have an attenuator article, but no idea where to put it. Also, is your article already included in one of the volumes? I cannot even answer that one with absolute accuracy. Example, I wrote a section on synchro motors for the recently completed "AC motors" chapter, only to find that synchro motors were already in the "Instrumentation" chapter. I should have used the search facility on allaboutcircuits.com first.

If you have any questions, after you read the references please contact us. If you are not writing a whole chapter, there is probably too much work involved in getting familiar with the format described in the last link above. In that case, we can take your plain ACSII text and figures or images and format for the book.

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