i need website sell electronic equipment

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i want a website which sell electronic equipment (Resistance, transformer ,... )
because i want to buy "microphone with high sensitivity"

are you know website sell this thing?


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A microphone has a very low output voltage. Their sensitivity are almost the same.
A preamp is needed to boost the output then the gain of the preamp controls the sensitivity. The preamp gain is controlled by a variable resistor (potentiometer).

I use electret microphones from old telephones or toys. Electronic parts stores sell high quality electret microphones for low cost.
are you looking for something omni-directional? what is the application? also, what are your size constraints?

there are many mic's that have greater " sensitivities", if you will.

are you trying to pick up ambient noise or what? as audioguru stated, old phone and toy mics work well, however sometimes their size is counter productive depending on the application. ive even used ear buds as mics for conceled on the fly recording applications with superb results.