I need help with radio interference problems!

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The Ryan

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I live next door to a radio tower. The broadcast interferes with any audio equipment in the house, tv's, cd players, guitar amplifiers, etc. Is there anything I can do to cancel the interference so that I can use my equipment without picking up the radio signal or static? (Anything other than move to a different house.) Thanks.


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There are at least three things you can do.

1- Depending on the type of broadcasting being done you may be able to use various filters on your equipment.

2- You can try to resolve the interference with the owner of the facility

3- File a complaint with the FCC. They will encourage to work out the problem. If you need help, try to find a local amateur radio operator who is willing to give you some counsel and advice.


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Ouch. I remember trying to get a client living close to a Radio tower TV reception. Every time my knee touched the ladder I got a tingle due to the massive amount of RF about. The TV tuners were all being de-sensitised for the same reason which was the real reason for the bad reception. The situation resolved itself when the client moved.


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I know what you mean. For several years, the Physics building at the big State U. was only two blocks from an FM transmitter putting out about 25 KW. FSM's were reading volts of RF on the upper floors.

It may be ignorance on the part of whoeven sited that transmitter that close to you, but I'd shake every tree available (including the real estate company) to get some relief fron all that RFI.


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It may be ignorance on the part of whoeven sited that transmitter that close to youIt may be ignorance on the part of whoeven sited that transmitter that close to you ...
The history isn't known.

Maybe it was someone building a home too close to the transmitter site.


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It would be expensive to totally shield all that equipment with a farady cage and shielded wires but it is one solution. You can't do much for any radio or TV reception other than a highly directional antenna, coax cable and a filter that cuts out that transmitters frequency.


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Heres something that worked on a neighbours stereo (back when I used to do a lot of HF dx)... I found the speaker leads themselves were acting as aerials, feeding RF back into the circuitry. I found that by winding the speaker leads a few turns thru a toroid situated close to the back of the stereo, most of the RF was blocked.