i need help on scientific calculator press


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On most calculators there is a key labeled "EXP" that stands for EXPONENT. The key is usually programed to mean "X 10 to the EXPONENT of" and then you press the negative key " - " and then press the number " 4 " key. So, in your problem it would be;

2.513 then press "EXP" then press " - " then press " 4 ".

You can also do it this way;

Anytime you see the base 10 to a negative exponent, you must have enough zero's + 1 to equal the exponent, like this;

10^-4 means .0001

a decimal followed by three zero's and ALWAYS ending with a one.

10^-6 means - - - .000001 - - - decimal then five zero's and a one.


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The users manual for the calculator would be the best place to look for this information.


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great! i get the answer. thanks JoeJester ,n9xv and hgmjr
sorry me forgot everything i have the last 2 subjects to resit before graduted

but n9xv 10^ the ^ no such charracter on my scientific calculator