I need help identifying a component off a friend's CUCV glow plug controller pcb.

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I need help identifying (and sourcing) a component off of a "Glow Plug Controller Card M1008 M1009 CUCV 6.2 Diesel Military" pcb. Attached is a word document with a photo of the pcb with the component I'm trying to identify and replace circled in red. This is a photo I found off the internet and NOT my friend's pcb as the component is completely destroyed on his pcb. On the component: "0001 H 274 610". I did an exhaustive search on the internet for both this part or for a schematic of the pcb and came up with nothing. Any help would be appreciated, they want $195 for the pcb and if I could ID that part I'm thinking it probably costs lees than a buck for me to replace. Thanks in advance.

Edit: I figured out how to attach the pcb's picture as a jpg.pcb1.jpg


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