I need help about Buck Converter!

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Hello Bros!

I m working on Solar panel project.I basically want to convert 40v dc to 24v dc because my solar panel out put is 40v.when i use simple buck converter then my mosfet get a high temperature and it burns!!!
Then i searched on internet that a drive circuit is required for p channel or n channel mosfet to start its work! but i m facing problems.....

which circuit you will prefer to drive mosfet ????

Please help me!!

Thanks in advance!
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Post an image of your circuit as it is now. .PNG format images are preferred.

Right now, we have no idea on how much current your panel might produce, or what you are trying to power with it.


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You have posted a portion of a circuit for an IR2110 half-H bridge driver, or a similar product.

You have not mentioned how much current your panel can output.

You have not mentioned what your load is.
Are you trying to charge batteries?
Are you powering some other load, maybe a DC to AC power inverter?
What is the current requirement of your load?

It will be very difficult to make any progress until these questions are answered.