I need advise in underwater modem/transponder/transmitter/transducer topics

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    Feb 4, 2010
    I have to work out how to reduce a risks (and insurance premium) in carrying high value cargo in sea-containers.
    The topic which is not solved yet is situation when sometimes (e.g storm) containers (with high value but water-resistant cargo) are falling to sea and these are never found although economically there is a sense to heave those up.
    I became to an idea to create some container underwater tracking system.
    Sorry for my incompetence in that field!
    I would highly appreciate if somebody would give me a hint where should I start. Or some of you could answer following questions:
    1.Do you know any producer who has any kind of modems, transponder or transmitter systems (with immersion activation) which could be affixed to inside of sea-container and in a case of falling container to sea, it could be found (max depth is up to 6000 m) by transducer or some other equipment?
    2.If yes, what is the size and weight of that kind of equipment?
    3.If the rescue ship knows approximate coordinates, how wide is a range there it can be found?
    4.How much would it cost?
    Any information will be highly appreciated.
    Just in case I add here my e-mail address: <snip>
    Thank you beforehand!
    Regards, Anders
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