I need a help in programming part of AT89c2051

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Dear friends,
I am currently doing a small project with AT89c2051 controller. I am experiencing two problems. If u can help please do provide your vital suggestions friend. Thank you for it. I am explaining the problems in the down below.

1. As far as I have programmed I used a whole port for sending the data to the LCD pins. But my problem now is in the Port 1 the 0th and 1st pins are dedicated analog input comparison. But 3.5 and 3.7 free. Can I use these 8 pins for communication with LCD. If so how. Please explain in elaborate if possible.

2. I need a one second delay and I am using a 11.0592MHz crystal. I am planning a 0.001Sec Delay. For it I have set Timer0as TH0=FC and TL0=66. Is it correct? The reason for which I am using it is I have to calculate a time duration between a process. So I am using timer and counting the delay by interrupt generated by it every time. In the interrupt part I am increasing the value of a integer everytime. Atlast when the process overs I am multiplying the integer value with 0.001Secs. Can anyother easy method available? If so explain. Thank you.