I hope to help the owners of experience 3phase heater

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    I 3phase heate ability 18KW is controlled in the efficiency of the heater through voltage contolle connector rheostat potintiometer. It is important so as not to prolong you been changing the voltage controller with a new name Thyro-2A, but the problem was that Alkntrulr first controls the Mkvaúh Alheitr by Tallil voltage of 380 to 160 items by paintings potintiometer range and now Alkntrulr new controls in the efficiency Alheitr by the pulses the sense that it separates the current for Alheitr many times for example, if the potintiometer Mazboot Ali Max rate of pulses about 40 times per minute if Mazboot at the Min's rate is 120 beats per minute and thus controls the efficiency of heating time and not PAL effort ...
    The question here is very sorry this is so lengthy ... Haley rate this chapter affect at Alheitr sense possible because Alkntrulr de I Lose Alheitr with science that de Ptstgl unit 24/7 means roughly the shutdown every two months?????
    Please take advantage of owners experience
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    Huh? This is meaningless drivel. Are you asking a question? Are you trying to help others? Are you trying to sell something? Why did you feel the need to post the same drivel in multiple forums?
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