I herby make this as money donation to AAC

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Got an interesting mail to day from Intrerpol. The funny thing is that I have no recollection of loosing $10.5 Million. And I am quite sure would notice such such event. So it must be an mistake. So the most correct thing would be to donate this money to charity. And hence AAC comes to my mind. By the way please send R!f@@ a new Hakko solder station on my behalf
Rich (BB code):
Call us @ +234-1-2139038 our zonal office for more clarification Email via
Attention : Beneficiary,
My name is Interpol Richard Benson, we are fraud investigating international police
attached with United Nations international police unit Cotonou We cover West
African country with our men. We discovered that you are among the list of
foreigners that fell victims of fraudulent activities of some scam men here.
From our investigation, we discovered that you have lost some money to fulfill
your endless financial obligation with these criminals I discovered that MANY
PRESENT BUSINESS PARTNER used your money to buy properties here ,however, they
are now on the run but they would be writing you from hiding due to mobile
internet services.
We also found out that you sent money to THEM WITH HOPE OF MAKING A BIG MONEY
Please we want to know how much you send to THEM, to enable us include it in the money we are proposing to return to you immediately.
They are the people that told you series of sweet good stories ,and you believe
them not knowing they are scam artist.We need your absolute cooperation to
enable us recover all your fund and send it back to you so that you reposition
your damaged financial life.
Note,that those who claim to be your partner are corrupt citizens and have
already distributed your Funds among themselves and the names of this hoodlums
are,we have already arrested .Charles Soludo, while Shamsudeen Usman is on the
run so you have to be very careful in all your dealing with anyone
henceforth,infact you are been advise to
forward all further correspondent's to my private email for further
Those properties that was acquired with your Money has been seized by my men and was auctioned for $10.5 Million Dollars and this proceed will be directly paid to you either as cash consignment delivery or Atm master to protect you from anybreach of the law or prob. for Money laundry act or terrorism.
Be advise to make available the informations below so that we can be able to
process your payment and always email
us via email : (inspectorbenson@yahoo.pl)
1,your full names and address
2,your age and sex
3,Occupation and status
4,Private mobile numbers for easy communication
5,A copy of your drivers license for proper identification.
Note,that you have two options of payment : 1,cash consignment delivery of the
recovered fund $10.5 Million to your address :2,Swift Atm master card account
containing the total payment of $10.5 Million.
Do indicate your preferred option to enable us carry on with the payment
arrangement and if need be for further enquiry concerning this recovery of your lost fund,do call me urgent via private mobile (+234-1-2139038)
Thank you for your cooperation.
Yours faithfully,
Interpol Richard Benson
Chief inspector of crime and fraud Interpol.
Interpol is the world's largest international police organization, with 186
member countries. Created in 1923, it facilitates cross-border police
co-operation, and supports and assists all organizations, authorities and
services whose mission is to prevent or combat international crime. Interpol
aims to facilitate international police co-operation even where diplomatic
relations do not exist between particular countries. Action is taken within the
limits of existing laws in different countries and in the spirit of the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Interpol's constitution prohibits 'any
intervention or activities of a political, military, religious or racial
character.' Interpol's Leadership The President of Interpol and the Secretary
General work closely together in providing strong leadership and direction to
the Organization
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Shame on your partner, playing such a game on you!

Seriously though, in_mrbenson007? These guys do have a sense of humor.


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Are you going to share,I received a check for $8000.00 checked It over real
good.It looked real and the bank would have accepted it. I guess they
wanted It to be returned. Maybe if the bank had accepted the check
they were ready for a quick follow up,for the real thing for me to send
a check.Tore the check up didn't try to report It,they would not do anything.
Look at the trouble the N.B.C. news has chasing these guys across the
world.There countries don't make arrest.


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I kindly implore mr interpol benson to credit 120USD to my bank account to cover the meter I just bought (prefereably before next billing cycle)


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Just a meter? I'd throw in a 'scope just because....:p
I don't want to appear greedy because his excellency agbodo odogobodo chancellor of somewhere in the congo might change his mind about the long lost inheritance he is in the process of sending to me


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his actually explains allot... I had a 10million dollar deposit into my bank account recently... been leery about asking about it, but now feel good to spend it.