i have got this simple homework but im new to this and i cant do it .. please help me :(

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E05 Find the voltage gain of the classical difference amplifier for the case R1 = R3 = 10 kΩ and R2 = R4 = 100 kΩ. What is the differential input resistance Rid? If the two key resistance ratios and are different from each other by 1%, what do you expect the common-mode gain Acm to be? Also, find the CMRR in this case. (a) Neglect the effect of the ratio mismatch on the value of Ad and (b) do not neglect the mismatch.



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Okay... you've stated in your title that you can't do it. But what are you wanting from us? I don't see a question anywhere. If you are wanting us to do it for you, then too bad.

YOU need to show YOUR best attempt to solve YOUR homework. It doesn't have to be correct and it does have to be complete -- but it does have to exist. That serves as the starting point for our efforts to help steer you along the road to a solution.