I have a project I'm attempting with LED strips

Discussion in 'The Projects Forum' started by RemediosMorthland, Apr 2, 2012.

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    Mar 30, 2012
    I have a project I'm attempting with LED strips...Please be aware, that I have no real understanding of electronics what so ever, only the very basics but I'm looking to go on a course sometime soon, but hope some of you may be able to give some assistance on what I am trying to achieve and explain it in a very basic way. I have included an image below which should give a better representation as to what I want to do. led strip light 12v

    The main project is held within a 6" x 8" wooden frame (imagine a picture frame come light box). led strip 12v
    I am inserting a small LED strip on the inside of the frame facing upwards (only one strip on one side). the frame will have a glass front to it, and a backing board to the other side, to close the casing...There are no more than 9 LEDS's within the strip I want to use, and measures about 17cm length. waterproof led strip light
    It may be reduced to 6 LED's on smaller frames...I have cut this strip from a 5 meter length LED strip and this was provided with a DC 12W (1.5a) mains adaptor to power it. However, for a smaller strip like I want to use, what sort of power would be required, since surely this is to much power for such a small strip?
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