I have a lorex L23WD800 DVR/MONITOR combo with booting problems.

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I suspect the ON/OFF circuit (12VDC) due to the unit powering up as soon as the power supply is plugged in. (120vac input with 4 pins on the output. I believe 2 are 12VDC and 2 are GND). The system is supposed to turn on with the power button after plugging power supply in.
So what happens after plugging power cord in is the LOREX logo loading screen comes up with a bios loading bar that stops at 3/4 way and locks indefinately. I tried replacing the hard drive just for yucks but is not the problem. If I try to power down by pressing the ON/OFF button nothing happens. the only way to power up is to plug in and the only way to power down is to unplug. I need help on where to start looking as there is no signs of heat on the board(s) anywhere. any input would be grateful. Thank you in advance.
Also, Lorex tech support is no help whatsoever. Worst tech help I have ever come across.
stoney500, I have the same model device and mine did exactly the same thing - possibly on the SAME DAY!!! :cool: I was tempted to put in a new disk drive also, but I think you saved me that frustration. If I find out anything I'll let you know. No ideas yet. I will probably try LOREX and see what I get.


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I am also having a similar problem, it happened about a week ago. My system loads after plugging the power, however only a lorex screen appears and what looks like a loading bar. After several minutes you will hear a beep and then a black screen appears and the lorex screen with the loading bar reloads. This continues to cycle.

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I don't know much about security systems but may be of help. It sounds like this is like a scaled down computer. Normally with a computer the issue described is driver related. It sounds like it could be the system driver for the on off circuit if they use drivers. Else it sounds like possibly a failed SCR in the motherboard that would control the PSU, but then why would it lock up when booting. What is the bios like in it are there shadowing or cashing options. Could be RAM at a certain point is bad then it locks up. In computers this could be an added card or an interface cable such as ide or sata. ide can do some bazaar stuff if it is not connecting properly to a device or jumper is not set properly. try to unplug any un needed peripherals from it if it works then replace one at a time till the issue occurs again then that device last connected has a problem.
Hope this helps you. Interested in what it is also like to know a bit more about security devices in CATV systems.


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Open the cas4e and re-seat the Memory Sticks...
This is a common problem with those....
You never know what has happened to the unit in transit, and many times they are shipped upside down.
These are not High-end, so they are not made to take a whole lot of physical abuse, electronic, yes - but not physical.
Another hint, the cameras are all plugged in, right?
Did you follow the initial set-up instructions? Yea I know it is booting to the Start-up screen, but some models have jumper setting that are required if you use less than the camera capacity (ie" Only use 4 instead of the eight camera capacity).
Since these units generally come with pre-cut and terminated camera cables, I am assuming you haven't changed these.... Am I right?
Did you call the Lorex Help line?
Here is a link to the Lorex on-line help:
Pretty basic stuff. I like the way they insult your intelligence by asking if you have the power supply plugged in....
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