I Got The Hilton Melborne Beach Ocean Front for Labor Day


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AAC member entering hotel: "is there a 'Brownout' here?"

Hotel Desk Employee: "no, all the lights are on"

AAC member: "no, I am looking for a 'Brownout'"

Hotel Employee: "yes, I heard you. Are you with the power company?"

AAC member: "no, I need Brownout"

Hotel Employee: "What do you need the brown out of? Wait... You didn't just drop a loaf... A deuce...? You better leave right now!"

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I'm bringing my canoe, paddles, swim fins, goggles, a bottle of Jack Daniels and a really hot girl (my fiancee)


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Brownout must be out partying ,maybe they have wifi so he can keep us up to

date on his fun activities and the good food. A lot of members must be on the road.

Only us po-folks around to keep Forum cranking out ,we always have our over seas

friends. Where T06, and Nerdegutta ,must be vacation time.

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Lots of good food! On day 1 we ate at Atlantic Seafood at the Port of Canaveral. They buy seafood right off the boats, so it's very fresh. We ate a pound of red shrimp. Next day we dined at David's Steak and Seafood in Melborne Beach. Last day we had breakfast at Blueberry's and dinner at Sand on the Beach in Melborne Beach. In between meals, we went to the beach, went swimming in the ocean and paddeled the canoe in the mangrove forests at the inlet. The central Fl Atlantic coast is a great place. I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to visit there.

Next time, we visit NASA.