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Hey, I'm using a 30 MHz Oscilloscope at home. I'm also using a Function generator. I was just curious about the AC voltage readings on the multimeter. If I connect a function generater a 10 V to my oscilloscope, it only reads about 3.63 volts on my multimeter. Why is this?


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I'm assuming the 10 volts is a Peak to Peak value..(from the top of the + half of the cycle to the bottom of the - half of the cycle). If that is correct, then your meter is out by 0.1 volt.

Most meters are calibrated to read the RMS value of a sine wave.
The RMS value of a sine wave is 0.707 of the peak.
The peak voltage is Half the Peak to Peak voltage.


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There is an inherent "gotcha" with function generators, in that they are usually calibrated to drive 50 ohms.

This means that if you drive a high impedance, you will see twice the amplitude that you expect per the setting on the generator.

For instance, if you want a 0-5V signal into a 10K load from the generator, then set the generator's output for 0-2.5V to get the signal level you actually desire.

BTW -- if your scope has a "50 ohm" setting, then you could use that to properly load the signal and directly read the voltage.