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The majority of posts here will remain without any reply from my side.

Often I simply don't really understand much about it so it won't be helpful or useful.

sometimes I know the posters don't like my replies (from their past reactions), really there are some who would prefer not to receive direct replies from me. I have the same feeling too about a few eventually even if I don't really care.

Or it is mainly a conversation between two members who are both knowledgeable so it is simply disturbing and not asked for.

When OP does not know, I usually do reply if I have anything useful to say about it.

Unfortunately I don't always have time to use forums, recently I found a month to create a new website and reorganize some online stuff.

I learned LINUX a few months ago even. I stopped using it for the time being even if I could install it (for various reason such as some softwares only exist for Windows and it is messy to switch back and forth all the time).

About electronics I don't know- I got rid most of my stuff it is not clear if and when I will restart.

Some projects were abandoned because they are simply not worth further efforts, a lot of prototype PCBs went to ewaste.

Sure I still have the photos online from primitive LED matrix circuits, but I don't documentate everything on the internet.

For the time being I am visiting again here on this forum and I work on my website, but I can't say for how long I will continue.

I still maintain plans for some PCBs to produce but at some point of time maybe I want to specialize, and all the other things will become a part time activity.

And spiders yes, they are gone too, except a few arriving now and then. Not only spiders a while ago I was growing dust mites in a container with wood chips, really thousands of them because I gave them ideal conditions and plenty of food.

Maybe this is something I want to do- working with invertebrates instead of soldering stuff or writing C code.

And no I am not a web designer I don't make websites professionally.
So far, I made about 24 cents (money) showing adverts.

I'd need about 10000 visitors a day to have some extra money.

Sometimes I wish for other, different or better forums but I have not yet found them. But I don't think I write posts on a forum 365 days a year for the rest of my life, maybe some months now and then.

What is bothering me really is the question should I keep to use PICs or switch to ST controllers.

Recently I connected a PIC32 for the first time, and was able to connect and read the FLASH. Haven't touched any circuit for a month now, I wanted some distance from all that stuff.

Today I was thinking to delete all the old photos but I found some I liked, downloaded for new blog entries, really some of them have memoriabilia value for me. It is really embarassing stuff at times, homemade etched PCBs, magnet wire, manually mounted SMDs, and a lot of resistors as well logic ICs.

But when I switch to ST controllers, it does not make so much sense to post about it on a forum, the user base is smaller, and it is not so much found on popular forums at all.

And yes I make mistakes too, for instance I spent too much time with assembler (for PICs), in the end it is just a waste, it is so difficult to write a larger application even if it is just 4K code. it took me 3 or 4 years to see it.

I wrote a new assembler code for a larger LED matrix, and after a year, I had really trouble to read my own code. Then I abandoned it quickly.

So if i stop posting some day, don't wonder, I might be busy, trapped in a web, or I simply need distance even from thinking about circuits.


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Just be your self and post what you want ,I enjoy your post and I follow you.

I like the spider post ,because I like insects and there place in the world.

Keep up the good work ,the money will come.
Yeah, friend. I know your trouble because I have the same problem. I have created my website and now we need to promote it. So everyday I spend a lot of time surfing on the Internet, joining forums and posting my reviews and comments. But it seems it is easy to violate the rules and every time when I publish a new post, very few people will reply me. Now I'm also confused how to successfully get my message cross forum. I really understand your situation. In my opinion, it doesn't mean that your topic is not attractive. It only means your potential audience are not targeted or haven't been found.

I will follow you and hope you can gain more audience. Wish you good luck.

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Have you two used meta words? Have you read what google has written about optimizing your website for a better position at google?

What is your position (first page, first entry) in the generic search for something on your web? Act like the user you would want to attract. Search of those terms.

Install google analytics on your pages, to see where people are going on your website.

SEO ... Search Engine Optimization. Lots of articles on that topic.

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