I do NOT have a Hulu, Roku, Vudu... television. Do you ?


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I have all apple products, including Apple TV my options are not limited, I purchased Netflix for the Guest Bed, Master, Living Room, then the Wife wanted Disney Plus for nature shows, my interest was Star Wars and Marvel it has ESPN on it which my children will appreciate when we are no longer social distancing. The GrandDaughters 4 came over and helped me clean up random sticks and saw dust from 2 trees we cut down in the front yard. Before that we watched “Paul” one of my favorite comedies. They aren’t into TV but will tolerate me sometimes, they will go to the movies because it’s a social activity.



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One of the features I like on movies and such is the ability to pause and step backwards similar to a DVR. Doesn't work with streaming TV channels. The volume and mute function are there though. I'll be learning this system for a while.

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Some day I will find a store that can demonstrate the thingy. Now it is harder with the problem going on. YouTube is another of no interest for me:(.

Am after Rai, NHK, DeustcheWelle, RT, France24... And I have NO TV cable service, no "set-top box" nor I will engage such. :oops: Currently am using a :

----> https://www.vissontech.com/product/hk1-mini/