I couldn't identify this component, can you please help me?

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Hello all and thanks for the opportunity to be a member of this resourceful forum. First time posting on the forum.

I am amateur in electronics but i fix laptops and i got a laptop in the workshop which dropped on the floor by the customer. The laptop is a Dell Inspiron M5010 (AMD).

I was searching for any faulty part on the motherboard, near the obvious cracked part of the laptop. I came with a faulty component that is located in the LEFT BOTTOM CORNER of the motherboard which i couldn't identify at all.

The only information i have is that it has imprinted "CK=CK R27 (below it)" and it is a squared 6x6 legged chip with a 5mm wide.

It is getting very very hot on the touch when i plug the power adapter in. Thanks a lot in advance if anyone recognize this component. I am still searching for any other fault and see if worths to spent time to replace it.

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I'm not ignoring you. I don't know the answer.
Be patient. A lot more people will look at this in the next 24 hours.


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capacitor PC4611 has been broken off the board. searching for part number SC10U25V6KX-1GP from the schematic provided by praondevou, it may be a 10uf 25v capacitor.