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hello everyone , I am fairly new to circuitry and I have had a question for a while that I am unable to find an answer to. any help would be greatly appreciated.

what I am trying to do is build a metal detector using plans I had discovered at this websitehttp://home.clara.net/saxons/bfo.htm

I am trying to add an LED to indicate wheather the device is on or not. I understand that I have to hook up a spst switch with the battery +, but if I hook up a properly resisted 2.1 volt LED parallel to the whole circuit will that decrease the amount of power the rest of the circuit is recieving? how do i get an LED in there as to minimalize the impact on the rest of the circuit?

Also does anyone know if you NEED an oscilloscope to measure the frequency of a coil? can i just do it with some other method? Thanks a lot again!


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An LED shouldn't impact on the circuit too much. If you use a 1k resistor in series with the LED the extra current would be in the order of around 7 mA. That would barely reduce the voltage from the Battery unless it were an extremely poor quality chinese Carbon Zinc.
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