I can't record voice by IC ISD1700 it not response anything.

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    Jul 27, 2010
    I try to use ISD1700 like this datasheet http://www.atvoc.com/rjxz/I1700%20Advanced%20Datasheet%20Rev%200.pdf in page 16.

    I want to use with microphone . I use Rosc pin 20 = 100k(ohm) . All Capacitor ceramic = 0.1uF. All capacitor electrolite = 4.7uF 25V. I don't use pin 2,3,17,27 not connect with anything. I don't understand how to connect different GND. I connect every GND to same GND and all VCC (vcca,vccd,vccp) to same vcc 5V from power supply . when I test my circuit it not have sound. I check speaker it ok but it have no sound from circuit. I use 8 Ohm 1.5W speaker. How to use ISD1700 with microphone. please help me.
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