I am looking for a stepper motor with 60 step/round and with 6°

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HI everybody,

I am looking for a stepper motor with 60 step/round and with 6°.
I would like to know if you know any suppliers that can provide me that motor.
I've done some searches but i didn't find anything



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You can use gears or timing belts and pulleys to change the step amount from a stepper. Plus most stepper drives are capable of many smaller steps in the electronics of the driver. What are you making that needs 6 degree steps? The motors themselves are only accurate to ~3-5% of angle.

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I set up this project during a discussion here at Allaboutcircuits, and I've posted a link to the video several times in different threads.


It shows a 7.5 degree (48 steps per rev) motor simulating a 6 degree (60 steps per rev) motor, in order to drive the second hand of a clock. Why does the motor make a noise 4 steps out of 5, and then is silent for a single step? That's a question that you can answer if you understand how a microcontroller is likely to drive this kind of motor. The LEDs on the breadboard provide a clue.