I am in the Dallas Area and need someone to build a circuit for me.

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I am a one man production shop. I need a unit built that runs a motor until a IR beam is broken, then the motor stops. The beam width would be 1.5" (mounted opposite each other on one end of a PVC 1.5" pipe. I have to mass produce a material that is opaque, and 1" wide x 2mm thick (that passes through the PVC pipe), and needs to be cut to the same length every time. I can build the machine part, just not the electronic circuit part. Once the Beam is broken (open), I would need the motor to stay off until either the beam is closed again or until the power switch is turned off. This would need to be plugged into a 110v receptacle & except for sensors, the motor, and plug, would need to be packaged into a project box with a power on light and on/off switch. no part of the unit would be subjected to heat, water, or light. The motor would be a 12v motor with a wheel attached to turn a rollerblade wheel.

I can email you a diagram of what I have in mind, so that this makes sense.

I have no electrical training or skills, or else I would do it myself.

Please somebody help me. I will pay for everything. An estimate and contact information would be great.
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1. What is the capacity of the Motor?

2. Do you want the ckt to be enclosed in a powder coated metal box or in plastics?

3. How many PCS do you want?

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I don't know anything about the capacity of the motor, I was thinking something comparable to a dewalt 18v drill motor.
the powder coated box sounds better to me.
Right now I need one, in a couple months I may need six more.


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With what precision do you need the system to work, I mean 1/8", 1/4", 2", etc?

I'd be concerned with the IR beam strategy if you need close tolerances. Half inch is probably a piece of cake. One millimeter is probably impossible.

On the upside, the circuitry is relatively simple.