hyper terminal and pic16f877a

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hello my name is beto

I would like to know if someone is familiar with the hyper terminal program located in the windows start- programs-accesories-communications-hyper terminal

because I want to be able to send a signal from my computer to the rs232 port for example a letter a or b or c to a microcontrller

the idea is to send the ascii code from the computer to the microcontroller pic16f877a and then the pic is going to reconginse it and then its going to drive some motors

and I heard that this is the easiest way to do it, with the hyper terminal program so please if someone knows how to do this or knows how to send a signal from the computer via rs232 please tell me



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I wouldn't consider it the easiest method... but it works.

Start Hyperterminal. Select new connection and name it (anything). Select the COM port you intend to use. Next it will ask for the settings required. Set your baud rate to match that which you have set in your SPBRG register on the PIC. Set your bits (probably 8 in your case) set parity to none and set your stop bit to 1. Choose none for flow control.

That's it... type away and data will stream out the COM port.Keep in mind that the data is in ASCII format.

Also, by default hyperterminal echo's characters. So, if your PIC is set to echo as well you should expect double on everything. I've falsely declared my firmware good because due to this behavior (I usually test my communications code with a simple echo). It's best just to turn local echo off in the options.