Hydroponic irrigation with solenoid valves.

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    Mar 3, 2013
    My first post.

    Hello to the entire community of geniuses. My name's Mark. I'm 27 and graduating with a degree in Agricultural Business and Plant Science. My specialty is production hydroponics (specifically tomato and lettuce).

    I joined this community because I'm becoming ever interested in circuitry and micro-whatevermabobbers. What originally led me here was my question to learn more about solenoid valves and the possibility of controlling irrigation cycles via computer or component.

    The project/idea:

    Connected to the hose bib is a Netafim 2-way 24V Solenoid Valve. My objective is to wire the valve into some sort of timing mechanism to allow me to customize my irrigation cycles in the greenhouse. Typically, I want to irrigate for 15 minutes every hour up to a max of possibly 32 irrigation cycles in a day depending on weather.

    Connected to the valve is a hose that runs to my fertilizer injector which is a Dose-a-tron model (14GPM). I run drip irrigation from the injector and recollect my drain from the rockwool slabs I grow in.

    Where the heck do I start!?! What is the equivalent of a "hello world" and is there a specific path or route I should be taking to avoid learning that's not necessarily beneficial to accomplish my objective. All learning being great and all.


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    Nov 30, 2010
    Start with the electrical specifications for the valve.