Hydrogen as fuel


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Looking ahead, Mr Opedal said "we need to treat energy as something that is not abundant".
"I think we have had a lot of cheaper energy in the past and we probably wasted some of it, so we need to make sure we're making the right investments now [and] everyone [should] use as little energy as possible."
The firm also has investments in off-shore wind power. It recently announced plans with Germany's RWE to develop hydrogen-ready power plants.
The plants will run on gas initially but will eventually be able to transfer to using hydrogen generated by renewable energy.
The push for a hydrogen fuels and energy storage will only make things worse at the consumer level. We need to move away from fossil and fake fossil fuels like hydrogen to a close to 100% (gas stoves exempted ;)) electrical energy based infrastructure.
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The whole point of hydrogen power is storing wind and solar power to use it when, where and at a rate appropriate to the end application.

Anyone telling me that there is no future in hydrogen needs to also present a more efficient, cheaper and convenient form of energy storage.

Batteries are a joke as of now, I took a ride from San Francisco to LA in a Tesla. My advice, don't do it. You'll increase the time it takes to get there by 50% - assuming start with a full charge. Living in an apartment building without charging stations makes things much less convenient.

Tesla and Hertz recently announced that Teslas will be available at Hertz locations but it turns out to be profitable or even feasible to charge a rental car and flip (return + rent) a car in the same day. Now image trying to do that with dozens or hundreds of cars per day from a single location. I discussed this challenge with the infrastructure manager of most US-based Airport rental centers (subleased by rental companies). He has concluded there is not enough on-site parking to do this for the time required to change a car. Renters would be very angry to get an EV that is nearly empty. With hydrogen, it could be possible.


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RE:""there is always a chance that hydrogen can be created cheaply enough""
Yet for the moment, hydrogen is made out of serious quantities of russian gas, using enormous quantities of electricity, made out of coal. Because all the HES etc energy is already uptaken with older consumers. Rarely exist any other fuel making tho shamfully bold and dirty environmental footpath as "green" hydrogen.


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This is interesting
so with the addition of a little diesel fuel, a conventional engine can burn hydrogen at an efficiency approaching that of a fuel cell, and it doesn’t need to be very pure hydrogen either.

All that is needEd now is a way of storing a decent amount of hydrogen using readily available compressors and off-grid premises would be able to make enough hydrogen in the summer to run their generators in the winter (with the addition of a little bit of old chip-frying oil)