Hybrid Audio Amplifier IC BHA-0002

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Hello to all,

I'm at my wit's end on finding a datasheet for a certain IC after searching the internet. I have about 15 pieces and willing to give a couple out free if someone could supply me the datasheet.

Here's what I got. It's a 10 Pin 15Watt Hybrid DIP with the part number BHA-0002. I was able to determine some characteristics with respect to the amplifier. It has Solitron marked on it but I believe Bendix made it at one time. What I'm really after is the pin out and also the internal topology of the circuit. HELP!


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I believe the part you are looking for is made by Solitron Devices, Inc. In addition to its standard line of integrated circuits, it also designs hybrid circuits for other companies. The specifications and datasheets for such devices are proprietary and are therefore not available for public access.

One explanation for your difficulty in finding a datasheet may be that it is one of these proprietary designs.