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    Dec 27, 2007
    Hi all,

    for an university project we would need an ARM9 MCU with LCD or better TFT connection. Actually there are two projects involved one is the UI and the second is measurement/controlling. We have to display buttons and graphs for various AD Channels. Could anybody recommend a SBC or development board, which can be easily adopted to our application board? I think it should be something like a CPU module or something...A big plus would be if there would be SD/MMC slot(s) or IDE.

    :) Many thanks in advanced

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    Jun 30, 2006
    Check out Coridium for remote data logging and control. They've been supporting hobby sites with ads and are nice to talk to. I don't have one yet as I've not yet spent my xmas money ordering it. They're web based one is 99$ No LCD or such just I/O but impressive for the price and I can swipe some of the I/O for an LCD and any SD card can be run in SPI mode using less I/O. Still probably just good enough for remote data logging and control.

    This article may help with finding an SBC or expandable system

    Hrm this seems interesting
    It has everything but ADC I think. You'd have to ask 'em about it. You can still use an SPI ADC and probably get more bits resolution than most microcontrollers have.

    IMHO I'd avoid TI's products like it was an aids infected whore. They're not willing to release their tools at low or no cost to hobbyists and do not seem interested in providing some information to the free software community so they can generate a free replacement. Way too corprat proprietary If that changes I'll revise my opinion. You'd think they'd want to sell more chips.
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    Dec 27, 2007
    Hi mrmeval,

    thank you very much. I read those and they helped me indeed. I found a micro controller module and I think one of those might be a good choice for me. I asked them yesterday and they send me the pin out of the core board. And it seems that it covers all what I need. However, my journey is not over yet :(

    One advantage of these modules are, that they can be emulated with SkyEye, which would give me the advantage that I only have to buy one development board, for the hardware part, and my partner can do most of his UI work on the emulator.

    Well, thanks again for your informations :D I (we) appreciate it very much!